Business Gateway service


Biospire provides fixed-cost consultancy service for those clients who are looking for developing and/or reviewing their businesses in Japan.

Our experienced consultants will listen and absorb your enquiry, then offer you the best solutions.


Simple way to have professional consultancy;

  1. Fill-in the form below
  2. Place a payment
  3. Wait for confirmation date/time from Biospire consultant.

Consultant fee : JPY 30,000 (max 1 hour)

Previous assignments

  • General market study to develop your business in Japan.
  • Considering opening subsidiary (branch) in Japan.
  • Looking for business partner (including distributors) in Japan.
  • Assigned business partner previously, however needs to review the strategy.
  • Looking for business development representative in the Japanese market without having branch in Japan.
  • Looking for sales representative in Japan.
  • Looking for supporter for your business trip to Japan, who could offer transportation, translation and co-visit to clients in Japan.
  • Looking for temporally CEO in Japan, who also supports business set up and/or opening branch in Japan. 
  • Other customised supports.

1. Enquiry format

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2. Payment

Business Gateway Consultant Fee

Non refundable. (only refunded if no suitable consultants are selected by Biospire).

Please select credit card or Paypal if your enquiry is outside Japan.

Your details will be asked on payment pages.