Company profile / 会社概要


会社名: BIOSPIRE株式会社 (Biospire Japan Ltd.)

〒606-8171 京都市左京区一乗寺西水干町26

Babraham Road, Sawston, Cambridge CB22 3LH U.K.

電話: 050-5534-0777

2016年2月  (2010年5月にBIOSPIRE JAPAN立上げ)

資本金: 100万円
代表者: 代表取締役 松永昌之

(1) 科学技術・教育事業に関する経営コンサルティング及び各種マーケティングリサーチ業務

(2) 講演会、シンポジウム、セミナー等の企画、立案および実施

(3) 自然科学および産業上の諸技術に関する総合的な研究調査業務

(4) 再⽣医療、バイオテクノロジー、医薬品開発、化学、環境科学に供される商材の輸出入な


(5) 外国語の翻訳並びに通訳業

Consultant / Partner

Dr Masashi Matsunaga


Founder and Director of Biospire Japan Ltd.

& Business Development Manager for DefiniGEN Ltd.

Location : Cambridge, UK


Masashi obtained his PhD in microbial biotechnology at the University of Surrey. He then went back to Japan to work in Tokyo for six years for Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd. During his time at Hitachi he worked as a researcher on carbon nanotubesbefore being posted to Shanghai for two years to manage the opening of a new Collaborative R&D Centre with one of the leading universities in China. On returning to Tokyo Masashi became business manager within Hitachi for the development of a new biological diagnostic technology for environmental applications.

In 2007 Masashi was appointed Business Development Manager for a major European Chemical Company in Kyoto. His work here focuses on the development of new applications for advanced polymer coatings in the environmental and energy sectors.

Masashi has considerable experience in the commercialisation of a wide range of chemical, nanotechnology and life science diagnostic technologies in both academic and large corporate settings. He has an active and large network of relationships within the large technology corporates across Japan.

Dr Tim Hart


Founder and Director of Biospire Consultant (U.K.).

Location : Oxford, U.K.


Tim studied for a BSc in microbiology at the University of Nottingham and gained a PhD in environmental microbiology at the University of Surrey in 1997. He then pursued an academic career as a Research Fellow at the Universities of Portsmouth and Surrey.

By 2001 Tim had developed a more active interest in commercialising science and at this time spun-out his first company in environmental diagnostics. The company developed a patented field-based toxicity test for soil and went on to specialise in the provision of field analytical products and services for international environmental analysis markets. Tim led the company for seven years, taking it through several rounds of investment and towards trade sale in 2008.

Tim joined Isis Innovation Ltd at the University of Oxford in 2008 as a Consultant, focusing on assignments to support start-up teams in the commercialisation of a wide range of technologies from across the world. In July 2009, he secured investment from Hong Kong for Zyoxel Ltd. This business is developing a human tissue testing platform from the University of Oxford for applications in the development of drugs and regenerative cell therapies.

Tim has >18 years of experience in the commercialisation of early stage technologies. He supports a range of UK government science entrepreneurship initiatives in the UK and has provided editorial and oral presentations on the subject to a wide range of audiences across the world. He has been a business mentor for the Princes Trust and advised a diverse range of start-up businesses.