Welcome to Biospire!!

Biospire is a technology management consultancy. We specialise in working with early stage technology projects including those developed within academic environments. Biospire provides support and development services to a variety of clients including university technology transfer offices, research councils, large corporates, technology-based SMEs, and partnering work with other specialist consultancies.


If you or your company desire to establish business development in Japan, you could consider using Biospire exclusive service for your business development. Your experienced parnater can work for your business development either full-time or part-time based. You could minimize your investment to the market, business and technical development to the Japanese market with having maximized performances. 


If you consider further technical and business development to the Japanese market, however, having limitation of budget or other issues, please consider contacting Biospire at info@biospire.jp 

Biospire provides a range of services in early stage technology management from technical and commercial project evaluation, to development of new spin-out companies, through to supporting corporates with
technology sourcing or business development in new territories. We concentrate on the life sciences, but also have a successful track record in working in other technology areas including advanced materials, telecoms, 
and environmental technologies. 

We specialise in the transfer and development of technologies and business between European and Asian markets and have active networks across Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Our founding consultants have extensive practical experience in academic and commercial environments, both within SMEs and large multinational technology businesses. We focus on delivering practical, bottom-line value to our clients, which is milestone-based, providing solutions and step-changes for developing technologies and businesses. 
Biospire has a presence in Oxford, UK and Kyoto, Japan. These two academically and historically rich cities provide a useful focus for our business and we have extensive academic and commercial networks in both regions. 

Our mission is to utilise our European-Asian expertise to deliver high value, bespoke, and personal early stage technology management support.


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