Category : Co-business development

Location : Paris, France

In September 2014, Business Crescendo (Paris, and Biospire Japan (Kyoto, agreed to begin a collaboration on international business development projects, primarily in the fields of chemistry and life sciences, to leverage the companies' expertise in the French and Japanese markets.

Dr. Michael Mendolia, Managing Director of Business Crescendo's Paris office, commented "we are pleased to be working with Biospire, as this will enhance our ability to help our European clients grow their businesses in Japan. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Biospire." 

Dr. Masashi Matsunaga, Founder and Director of Biospire Japan, noted that having a collaboration with Business Crescendo would bring higher value to Japanese chemical companies who wish to expand their business in the European market. Additionally, this collaboration will help technology seekers in Japan to successfully source novel technologies from European market and especially from France.