Japan Diabetes Society booth presentation : DefiniGEN









また同ケンブリッジ地区のHorizon Discovery社とのタイアップにより、CRISPR/CAS法を導入したゲノム編集型疾患モデル細胞を自在に調製することが可能であり、糖尿病研究における新たなツールとして世界中の製薬メーカーから注目を集めております。

Japan Diabetes Society

DefiniGEN a Cambridge spin-out biotech company will exhibit a booth (#7 at Event hall) at Kyoto International Conference Center at Japan Diabetes Society held on 19-21 May 2016.


DefiniGEN only applies chemically-defined conditions to obtain differentiated high function pancreatic cells from iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cells with guaranteeing over 80% viability after thawing from cryopreserved condition in a vial.


Those cells (Def-Panc) shows quite similar performances to human islet not only generating insulin (as beta cell function) but also observing glucagon and smatostatine (alpha and delta cell functions, respectively) functions. 


Micro-islet-like spheroid could be obtained simply utilizing ultra-law adherent plate which could support your diabetes studies and subsequent regenerative medicine applications.


DefiniGEN collaborate Horizon Discovery in Cambridge to be able to obtain gene-edited disease model cells utilizing CRISPR/CAS methods under commercial license.